TLDR Daily Update 2021-07-02

Google Health leaks 📱, MS engineer steals $10M 💰, solar bike highway 🚴

Big Tech & Startups

Supposed Google Health app leak shows early interface (2 minute read)

Screenshots from the upcoming Google Health app have been leaked online. The app is designed to provide a portal to manage personal medical records, with the ability to add contacts to share the data. Users will have to link existing online healthcare accounts to take advantage of the app. The app is still in its very early stages of development. The leaked screenshots are available in the article.

TikTok is rolling out longer videos to everyone (1 minute read)

TikTok will increase the maximum length of its videos to three minutes. It has been testing the new limit since December with select users, particularly in categories like cooking. TikTok has not said how the longer clips will affect its recommendation algorithm.
Science & Futuristic Technology

South Korean 20-Mile Solar 'Bike Highway' Generates Electricity (2 minute read)

South Korea has a bike highway running between two cities that stretches for 20 miles, shields cyclists from the sun, and generates power. Cyclists use subterranean tunnels to enter and exit the path and they are protected from traffic on each side by barriers. The solar panels on the bike highway produce more than enough electricity to power the lighting of the highway and the electric vehicle charging stations. A 3-minute video that shows the bike highway from the air is available in the article.

Scientists build wireless pacemaker that dissolves in body (3 minute read)

Researchers have developed a battery-free pacemaker that can be implanted directly onto the surface of the heart and absorbed by the body when no longer needed. It is inexpensive and can be remotely controlled and programmed from outside the body. The device is powered by wireless technology similar to that used in the wireless charging of smartphones. It hasn't been tested in humans yet, but animal tests show that it can generate the necessary power to be used in adult humans.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Flight rules for Git (GitHub Repo)

Flight rules are the hard-earned body of knowledge recorded in manuals that serve as extremely detailed standard operating procedures for what to do if X occurs. This repository contains a manual for using Git. It covers how to use repositories, editing commits, staging, branches, tracking, configuration, and more. There are books, tutorials, scripts, and other resources available.

Dawn (GitHub Repo)

Dawn is a reference theme from Shopify. It has Online Store 2.0 features and only uses JavaScript when required. Dawn is built on theme code principles that ensure fast websites for mostly logged-out traffic.

Microsoft engineer stole $10 million by selling Xbox gift cards for bitcoin (2 minute read)

A Microsoft engineer discovered a flaw in one of Microsoft's payment testing systems and exploited it for over $10 million in profit. The flaw allowed the engineer to generate unlimited Xbox Gift Cards, which he sold in bulk on crypto marketplaces for a discount. He used money laundering sites to hide the trail and started living an increasingly lavish lifestyle. He was caught in July 2019 and was sentenced to 9 years in prison, plus ordered to pay $8.3 million in restitution.

Feds Seized Robinhood CEO's Phone in GameStop Trading Halt Investigation (3 minute read)

Robinhood still intends to go public on Thursday. The company is subject to at least 49 class-action lawsuits over its restriction of the purchase of GameStop stock in January. It is under investigation by a series of regulators, state attorneys general, the SEC, and the US Department of Justice. The company's CEO had his cell phone seized by federal attorneys. Robinhood acknowledges that the fallout from its restrictions has the potential to be disastrous for the company.
TLDR Originals

Hi, I’m Chrisman Frank, CEO of Synthesis, an extracurricular program based on SpaceX’s internal school for children of employees, ask me anything! (Completed TLDR AMA)

Hi, I'm cofounder and CEO of Synthesis, an extracurricular program that teaches complex problem-solving and decision-making for kids 7 to 14 through online team games. My cofounder Josh Dahn developed the Synthesis concept while running Ad Astra, a small lab school he built for Elon Musk on the SpaceX campus. Before Synthesis, I was engineer #1 at ClassDojo, a K-12 network that reaches ~30 million teachers, students, and families every month. Ask me anything! (There is a demo video link on the AMA page.)

Hi, we're the team behind, the most accurate resource for finding and negotiating tech salaries, ask us anything! (Completed TLDR AMA)

Hi, we're cofounders Zuhayeer and Zaheer, along with lead salary negotiator Sarah. We created in 2017 as a simple visualization tool to compare titles across companies and it quickly grew into tech's largest and most accurate salary database. Last year we launched our salary negotiation service through which we coach people to negotiate higher salaries with prospective employers. We're here to answer your questions on compensation, negotiation, and more, ask us anything!

Hi, I'm Trey Goff, Chief of Staff at Honduras Prospera, a private semi-autonomous charter city in Honduras. Ask me anything! (Completed TLDR AMA)

Hi, I'm Trey Goff, Chief of Staff at Honduras Prospera, a private semi-autonomous new city project in Honduras. We have worked with the Honduran government to create the world's most advanced special economic zone, focused on catalyzing prosperity and improving lives.As humanity continues to grow more urbanized, a more dynamic form of political organization will be required. Our long-term goal is to catalyze this change, to create a world in which governments compete for residents and where residents voluntarily and easily choose their governance.In Honduras, we are launching our very first prosperity hub on the island of Roatan. Ask me anything! (More details about the project on the AMA page).

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