Simple Pricing for SaaS Businesses

Beta users will be grandfathered into our early bird pricing.
Contacts Monthly Pricing for Beta Users
0 - 500 Contacts
501 - 1,000 Contacts
1001 - 2,000 Contacts
2001 - 5,000 Contacts
5,001 - 10,000 Contacts
10,001 - 15,000 Contacts
15,001 - 20,000 Contacts
20,001 - 25,000 Contacts
25,001 - 30,000 Contacts
30,001 - 40,000 Contacts
40,001 - 50,000 Contacts
50,001 - 70,000 Contacts
70,001 - 100,000 Contacts
Over 100,000 Contacts
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All plans include free email verification and unlimited emails, broadcasts, and sequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional questions, please contact support

How does Messaged work?
Messaged is an email marketing platform designed for Stripe Billing users. Simply connect your Stripe Billing account in one click, and we automatically sync your contacts, trials, and plans into your email campaigns.
Can I use Messaged without Stripe Billing?
Currently we only allow Stripe Billing users, but we are working at add more subscription payments services like ChargeBee, Recurly, and more. Please contact support if you'd like to be notified about a specific provider.
What counts as a contact?
Each distinct email address is considered to be a contact. Each contact can have an unlimited number of attributes attached, contacts will be automatically synced from Stripe for users with a connected Stripe account. You will not be billed for contacts who have unsubscribed from your marketing emails.
What happens if I go over my contacts limit?
For users with a payment method on file, you will automatically be upgraded to a higher plan when you go over your contacts limit. Users without a payment method on file will be prompted to add a payment method. We allow sending for 7 days after exceeding your plan contact limits.
Can I use Messaged for non-SaaS businesses?
While it is possible to use Messaged as a general purpose email marketing automation platform, we have designed Messaged specifically for SaaS businesses and you may be better served with a different provider.
How do I get in contact with you?
For sales inquiries, you may contact us here. For support inquiries, you may contact us here. You can always email us at [email protected], we guarantee 24 hour response times!

Next Generation Email Marketing for SaaS Businesses

Advanced Automation

Engage customers with newsletters, automated drip sequences and triggered emails based on your funnel

Email Design

Create beautiful, responsive emails with our prebuilt SaaS templates and our best in class drag & drop editor

Connect Stripe

Connect your Stripe account with a single click, automatically sync your contacts, trials, and plans without code

Campaign Editor

Design complex drip sequences and segmentation logic using our drag & drop campaign editor

List Management

Segment your contact list to send targeted, personal messages that improve engagement and deliverability

Improve Deliverability

Run inbox previews and consult with our deliverability team to make sure your emails reach your customers

Advanced Metrics

Make data-driven decisions when iterating on your email campaigns using aggregated and raw email metrics

White Glove Onboarding

Our team of SaaS email marketing experts will help you set up your campaigns following industry best practices

“This tool is everything I wish I had when I started building out email marketing at Scraper API!”

Email Marketing Automation for SaaS Businesses

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